Bullocks sell to up £1,530 per head at Enniskillen Mart

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Another good entry of Fermanagh and Tyrone breed cattle on offer at Thursday’s sales.

In the bullock ring lightweights selling from 220 to 259p for a Charolais 370kg at at 960, medium weight selling from 210 to 262p for a Charolais 400kg at £1,050, heavy lots selling from 190 to 233p for a Charolais 586kg at £1,365 and up to £1,530 per head.


Dungannon producer Charolais 400kg at £1,050, Belcoo producer Charolais 370kg at £960, Florencecourt producer Limousin 386kg at £1.000, Charolais 512kg at £1,165, Rosslea producer Charolais 430kg at £1,100, Aberdeen Angus 456kg at £1,150, Kesh producer Charolais 384kg at £950, Garvary producer Charolais 416kg at £1,025, Omagh producer Charolais 512kg at £1,135, Aberdeen Angus 520kg at £1,115, Bellanaleck producer Charolais 728kg at £1,530, Limousin 700kg at £1,450 and Tempo producer Charolais 586kg at £1,365 and Charolais 586kg at £1,365.


In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £700 to £1,050 paid for a 466kg Charolais while heifers ranged from £550 to £835 for a 360kg Charolais.

Ruling prices: Enniskillen producer 360kg Charolais heifer at £835, 420kg Charolais bull at £940, 309kg Charolais bull at £835, Lisnaskea producer 280kg Limousin heifer at £650, 331kg Charolais heifer at £770, 372kg Charolais bull at £870, 346kg Charolais heifer at £740, 267kg Charolais heifer at £600, Fivemiletown producer 326kg Charolais steer at £800, 280kg Charolais steer at £790, 300kg Charolais heifer at £660, Newtownbutler producer 290kg Charolais bull at £925, Kinawley producer 264kg Charolais heifer at £700, 317kg Charolais heifer at £705, 368kg Charolais steer at £905, 306kg Charolais heifer at £740, 300kg Charolais steer at £905, Belleek producer 305kg Charolais bull at £795, 320kg Limousin bull at £810, 282kg Limousin heifer at £695, 362kg Charolais bull at £950, 263kg Charolais heifer at £650, Derrylin producer 283kg Charolais heifer at £745, 247kg Charolais bull at £720, 300kg Charolais bull at £770, 222kg Charolais bull at £690, 297kg Charolais bull at £860, 266kg Charolais bull at £780, 294kg Charolais steer at £830, 269kg Simmental steer at 575, 193kg Charolais bull at £675, Bellanaleck producer 360kg Simmental heifer at £740, 357kg Limousin heifer at £745, 378kg Limousin heifer at £700, Garrison producer 300kg Charolais steer at £790, 197kg Charolais bull at £755, 341kg Charolais heifer at £720, 316kg Charolais steer at £845, 317kg Charolais steer at £845, Irvinestown producer 395kg Simmental heifer at £760, 440kg Simmental heifer at £935, 400kg Simmental heifer at £900 and Belcoo producer 301kg Charolais heifer at £675, 272kg Charolais heifer at £660, 247kg Charolais heifer at £630.


Enniskillen producer Limousin heifer at £365, Maguiresbridge Simmental bull at £345, Hereford bull at £305, Hereford heifer at £300, Hereford bull at £300, Friesian bull at £105, Monea producer Charolais bull at £320, Drumcose producer Charolais bull at £305, Springfield producer Charolais heifer at £305, Tempo producer Simmental bull at £315, Simmental bull at £280, Friesian bull at £150 and Churchill producer Charolais bull at £300.


Lisbellaw producer Limousin cow and bull at £1,580, Hereford cow with heifer at £1,210, Leggs producer Charolais cow with bull at £1,490, Hereford cow with bull at £1,300, Hereford cow with heifer at £1,200, Charolais bull at £1,750, Bellanaleck producer Simmental cow with heifer at £1,400, Derrylin producer Hereford cow with bull at £1,400, Hereford cow with heifer at £1,300, Trillick producer Charolais cow with bull at £1,320, Charolais cow with heifer at £1,210 and Omagh producer springing Limousin heifer at £1,310.

Heifers: Forward lots sold to 226ppk paid for a 510kg Charolais at £1,150, and to a top of at £1,240 others cleaned from 190-225ppk pai for a 420kg Charolais at £945.

Bellanaleck producer Charolais 590kg at £1,240, Florencecourt producer Charolais 600kg at £1,200, Charolais 580kg at £1,170, Lisbellaw producer Charolais 510kg at £1,150, Charolais 490kg at £1,035, 450kg Charolais at £930, Derrylin producer Charolais 480kg at £1,035, Charolais 475kg at £1,000, Charolais 460kg at £990, Charolais 440kg at £900, Charolais 450kg at £995, Enniskillen producer Charolais 470kg at £1,025 and Tempo producer Charolais 450kg at £995.

Fat cows

Forward lots sold to 186ppk paid for a 580kg Charolais at £1,075, others sold from 95-181ppk.

Friesian cows sold from 72-133ppk for a 688kg Friesian at £890.

Springfield producer Charolais 730kg at £1,275, Charolais 760kg at £1,205, Ballinamallard producer Charolais 680kg at £1,180, Charolais 700kg at £1,145, Enniskillen producer Charolais 740kg at £1,140, Charolais 610kg at £980 and Newtownbutler producer Charolais 790kg at £1,180.