Draperstown (Richard Beattie) Mart: Bullocks sell to £1,315

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Despite poor weather conditions a strong trade remained for cattle.

Bullocks sold to £1,315/670kg, heifers sold to £1,075/580kg, weanlings sold to up to £920 and fat cows sold to £1,200/800kg.


Andrew McBride £1,315/670lg, William Turkington £1,250/600kg, £1,220/615kg, George and William Annett £1,245/610kg, £1,185/590kg, £1,175/610kg, £1,170/600kg, James Millar £1,200/580kg, Trevor Turkington £1,200/620kg, Andrew McBride £1,130/570kgBrian Harkness £1,125/650kg, James Millar £1,125/520kg, £1,100/580kg, £1,090/580kg, Christopher O’Hagan £1,075/590kg, £1,055/590kg, M Quinn £1,065/500kg, George and William Annett £1,050/520kg, £1,030/540kg, £1,000/560kg, £980/550kg, £945/510kg, £920/590KG, M Quinn £975/470kg, Robert Carmichael £890/390kg, £870/440kg, £865/460kg, Francis McBride £875/450kg, S Brooks £850/490kg and James Riney £840/490kg.


Andrew McBride £1,075/580kg, £1,065/540kg, Robert Carmichael £1,050/570kg, James Millar £1,030/530kg, £1,025/530kg, £1,000/570kg, £970/470kg, C McBride £1,000/510kg, Robert Carmichael £985/520kg, Andrew McBride £960/510kg, James Millar £955/500kg, Robert Carmichael £840/470kg and Sarah McFarland £805/430kg.


Samuel McLean £920/450kg, Barry McBride £900/330kg, Francis McBride £855/400kg, E Biggar £850/400kg, £805, Deerpark Collections £845/470kg, £820/440kg, £800/400kg, Brendan Small £835/370kg, E Biggar £805/410kg, £800/390kg, £760/390kg, £760/390kg, £760/430kg, Barry McBride £800/420kg, Francis McBride £765/320kg, £705/310kg, Deerpark Collections £730/350kg, £715/370kg, Patrick Maguire £695/360kg, Brian Graham £690/400kg, Thomas Savage £685/370kg and E Biggar £675/360kg.


Samuel McLean £830/380kg, £805/350kg, £800/350kg, £705/300kg, £665/320kg, Patrick Maguire £760/460kg, £610/400kg, Francis Maguire £625/330kg, Patrick Maguire £560/340kg and Thomas Savage £555/260kg.


Raymond McTeague £1,200/800kg, Norman McAdoo £1,152.40/670kg, £1,145.40/690kg, Glenn Cuddy £1,136.80/580kg, Louise and Michael O’Neill £1,115.20/820kg, Norman McAdoo £1,072.50/650kg, Charles McNabb £1,018.40/760kg, £995.60/760kg, Glenn Cuddy £1,008/720kg, Louis and Michael O’Neill £970.90/730kg, Samuel Jackson £944/590kg, Brendan McPeake £940.80/560kg, Charles McNabb £936/720kg, Francis McErlean £928.80/720kg, Seamus Bradley £903/700kg, Louis and Michael O’Neill £851.40/660kg, £837/620kg, Glenn Cuddy £831.60/630kg, Charles McNabb £825.50/650kg, £824.10/670kg, £818.40/660kg and Raymond McTeague £812.50/650kg.