Dungannon Mart: Steers sell to £680 for 360kg Limousin

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Due to poor road conditions a small entry of stock where forward for sale with steers selling to £680 for 360kg Limousin (190.00).

Heifers peaked at £790 for 525kg Aberdeen Angus (151.00), dropped calves sold to £295 x 2 Hereford heifers and bull calves to £220 Aberdeen Angus bull.

Suckled cows and calves peaked at £1,305 for a Limousin cow and Shorthorn beef bull calf at foot; weanlings sold prices peaked at £925 for a 385kg Charolais (240.00), while male calves peaked at £605 for 305kg Belgian Blue (198.00).


A small entry of steers peaked at £680, 360kg Limousin (190.00) presented by E Conroy, £580, 310kg Limousin (187.00).


A similar entry of heifers cleared to £790, 525kg Aberdeen Angus (151.00) presented by D Ruddy, £530, 290kg Aberdeen Angus (183.00); E Conroy £620, 360kg Hereford (172.00), £530, 290kg Aberdeen Angus (183.00).


Dropped calves cleared to £295 x 2 Hereford heifers presented by H Irwin, £220 Hereford heifer, £195 Hereford heifer; E McVeigh £235 Limousin heifer; B O’Neill £190 Limousin heifer; meanwhile bull calves peaked at £220 Aberdeen Angus bull presented by W and H Gourley, £200 Belgian Blue bull; E McVeigh £210 Limousin bull; B O’Neill £200 Limousin bull, £195 Limousin bull, £170 Limousin bull; S Humphries £180 Fleckvieh bull.

Suckled cows and calves sold to £1,305 Limousin cow with a Shorthorn bull calf at foot presented by K J McCann.


Weanling prices peaked at £925 for a super 385kg Charolais heifer (240.00) presented by J Foster, £855, 340kg Charolais (250.00), £740, 320kg Limousin (232.00), £700, 360kg Limousin (193.00); M Cardwell £675, 360kg Charolais (186.00), £640, 320kg Charolais (200.00); R McGuigan £675, 345kg Blonde d’Aquitaine (196.00).

Meanwhile male calves sold to £605, 305kg Belgian Blue (198.00) presented by M Cardwell.