Excellent trade for fat stock show and sale at Rathfriland Co-Op

Rathfriland Co-Op
Rathfriland Co-Op

There was an excellent trade for stock at the fat stock show and sale on Monday evening.

The overall champion, a 642k Limousin heifer from R O’Hare sold at £1,850 to Irwins Butchers, Banbridge.

The Housewife’s Choice, a 626k Limousin heifer from Patrick Lively sold at £1,500 to Irwins Butchers.

The reserve champion, a 564k Charolais heifer from M McConville sold at £1,380 to R O’Hare.

A second prize Blue bullock 690k sold at £1,560.

A third prize Charolais heifer from M McGrath weighed 590k and sold at £1,420 to Irwins Butchers.

The first prize weanling from Jonathan Davidson, a 360k Limousin male sold at £1,070.

J Davidson also sold a first prize Charolais bullock weighing 652k at £1 490 to M D Livestock.

V Lennon sold a 440k second prize store bullock at £1,100.

M McConnell sold a 720k European Angus at £1,610.

Fat cows were a flying trade, for example, P Lively 760k at £1,460, 748k at £1,400, 746k at £1,200, R Wilson, 734k at £1,470, V Lennon, 64k at £1,240.

Another 315 head at the weekly cattle sale on Friday saw a one month old bull sell to £460 from Newtownhamilton.

A Limousin bull from Dromara sold at £430 and a Belgian Blue bull from Armagh at £390.

129 weanlings sold to £890 for a 434k Limousin from Cavan, Rathfriland with a second lot 364k at £820

There was a good improvement in lamb prices on Tuesday evening.

Fat lambs sold to £92 from a Dromara farmer.

Store lambs sold to 404 pence per kilo for 16.8k at £68 from a Castlewellan farm.

Fat ewes sold to £84 for a Tassagh farmer.


Dromara farmer: 32k at £92. Downpatrick farmer: 29.7k at £91.50. Hilltown farmer: 27k at £91. Rathfriland farmer: 27.9k at £91. Ballyroney farmer: 27.7k at £90. Hillsborough farmer: 26.8k at £90. Ballynamagna farmer: 26.5k at £90, 27.1k at £90. Katesbridge farmer: 26k at £89. Dunmore farmer: 26.4k at £88.50. Castlewellan farmer: 16.8k at £88. Kilkeel farmer: 16.4k at £65. Ballynafoy farmer: 20.7k at £80.


Tassagh farmer: £84. Kilkeel farmer: £80. Farmers from Banbridge, Dromore, Hillsborough, Hilltown, Kilkeel and Newry all sold fat ewes at £75 each.