Fat lambs sell to a top price of £126.00 at Downpatrick Mart

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At the sheep sale on Saturday, April 21st fat lambs sold to a top price of £126.00, hoggetts sold to £125.00, fat ewes sold to £110.00 and light weight lambs sold to £5.38.

FAT LAMBS: Downpatrick 30kg, £126.00, Drumaness farmer 25kg, £122.00, Downpatrick farmer 27kg, £121.50, Downpatrick farmer 22kg, £116.00, Ballynahinch farmer 21kg, £115.50, Clough farmer 21kg, £113.50, Ballygowan farmer 20kg, £108.50, Glassdrummond farmer 19kg, £108.00, Annalong farmer 20kg, £107.50, Raholp farmer 19kg, £107.00 and Ballynahinch farmer 18kg, £87.50.

HOGGETS: Dromara farmer 34kg, £125.00, Downpatrick farmer 38kg, £123.00, Lissoid farmer 30kg, £123.00 and 37kg, £122.50, Dromara farmer 32kg, £120.00, Saintfield farmer 26kg, £120.00, Kircubbin farmer 25kg, £118.00, Ballystrew farmer 25kg, £117.50, Castlewellan farmer 26kg, £117.00, Boncastle farmer 24kg, £115.00, Kircubbin farmer 24kg, £114.00, Hillsborough farmer 22kg, £110.00, Annacloy farmer 26kg, £110.00, Lissoid farmer 23kg, £107.50, Downpatrick farmer 23kg, £106.50, Downpatrick farmer 23kg, £103.50, Ballygowan farmer 31kg, £100.00, Ardglass farmer 22kg, £100.00, Vianstown farmer 25kg, £96.00, Tullymurry farmer 22kg, £95.00, Moneydarragh farmer 23kg, £95.00, Clough farmer 38kg, £95.00, Ballynahinch farmer 18kg, £86.00, Ballyhossett farmer 21kg, £84.00, Ardglass farmer 29kg, £75.00 and Kilkeel farmer 18kg, £60.00.

FAT EWES: Lissoid farmer £110.00, Ballynahinch farmer £110.00, Downpatrick farmer £110.00, Castlewellan farmer £109.00, Ballynahinch farmer £104.00, Downpatrick farmer £101.00,Killough farmer £100.00, Vianstown farmer £97.00, Slievegrange £95.00 and Drummaness farmer £95.00, Clough farmer £95.00, Ballynahinch farmer £91.00, Tullymurry farmer £90.00, Kilkeel farmer £90.00, Downpatrick farmer £90.00, Legamaddy farmer £89.00, Loughmoney farmer £85.00, Dundrum farmer £85 and £85.00 and Killough farmer £82.00, Downpatrick and Saintfield farmers £81.00 and £80.

EWES & LAMBS: Dromara farmer £212, Saintfield farmer £160, Killough farmer £152, £140 and £130, Dromara farmer £125 and £125.

At the Monday night cattle sale on April 23rd 2018 there was a good entry of quality cattle.

In the heavy weight category bullocks peaked per head at £1,180 for 636kg Limousin (£1.86ppk) with heifers at £965.00 for 510kg (1.89ppk).

Light weight stores were in strong demand with time of year, selling from £1.85ppk to £2.21ppk.

Leading prices in all categories as follows:

Bullocks 500kg plus

Downpatrick farmer 600kg Belgian Blue £1,175 (1.96ppk), 550kg Limousin £1,065 (1.94ppk), Strangford farmer 562kg Belgian Blue £1,085 (1.93kg), 636kg Limousin £1,180 (1.86ppk), Ballygallum farmer 614kg Belgian Blue £1,090 (1.78ppk), Strangford farmer 588kg Montbeliarde £965 (1.64ppk), Ballygallum farmer 590kg Aberdeen Angus £940 (1.59ppk) and Leitrim farmer 520kg Montbeliarde £790 (1.52ppk).

Bullocks 200-499kg

Inch farmer 318kg Limousin £825 (2.59ppk), Ballykinlar farmer 360kg Charolais £900 (2.53ppk), 382kg Charolais £930 (2.44ppk), Crossgar farmer 348kg Limousin £845 (2.43ppk), 392kg Limousin £930 (2.37ppk), 382kg Limousin £880 (2.30ppk), Boncastle farmer 414kg Charolais £935 (2.26ppk), Ardglass farmer 254kg Limousin £570 (2.24ppk), Dunsford farmer 442kg Simmental £990 (2.24ppk), Ballykinlar farmer 380kg Charolais £380 (2.24ppk), 378kg Charolais £840 (2.22ppk), Crossgar farmer 476kg Limousin £1,040 (2.19ppk), Corbally farmer 476kg Shorthorn beef £1,030, Crossgar farmer 440kg Limousin £945 (2.15ppk), 416kg Simmental £885, 406kg Limousin £860 (2.12ppk), Ardglass farmer 454kg, £955 (2.10ppk), Vianstown farmer 370kg Charolais £775 (2.10ppk), 338kg Charolais £800 (2.06ppk), 386kg Charolais £760 (1.97ppk), Bryansford farmer 490kg Limousin £990 (2.02ppk), Downpatrick farmer 328kg Charolais £640 (1.95ppk) and Downpatrick farmer 270kg Aberdeen Angus £520 (1.93ppk).

Heifers 200-499kg

Ballynahinch farmer 348kg Limousin £770 (2.21ppk), 246kg Stabiliser £520 (2.11ppk), Ballyhornan farmer 212kg Belgians Blue £435 (2.05ppk), 204kg Belgian Blue £415 (2.03ppk), Saintfield farmer 324kg Charolais £655 (2.02ppk), 414kg Limousin £825 (1.99ppk), Ballyhornan farmer 200kg Belgian Blue £385 (1.93ppk), Glassdrummond farmer 470kg Aberdeen Angus £880 (1.87ppk) and Saintfield farmer 352kg Aberdeen Angus £660 (1.85ppk).

Heifers 500kg plus

Strangford farmer 510kg Limousin £965 (1.89ppk), 534kg Limousin £965 (1.81ppk) and Erenagh farmer 594kg Hereford £960 (1.62ppk).