Outstanding trade for cattle at Rathfriland Co-Op

Rathfriland Co-Op
Rathfriland Co-Op

An outstanding trade for cattle on Friday saw the quality weanlings excel in price.

A Ballykeel farmer reached 285.3p/k for a 184k male Limousin at £525.

A 288k Belgian Blue male from Banbridge sold at £750 or 260.4p/k with a 326k Charolais from the same farm at £820 or 251.5p/k.

75% of the weanling male and females sold at over £2.00 per kilo.

Aberdeen Angus heifers sold to 225.5p/k for 326k at £735 from Derrylecka.

A further two lots sold at £910 and £900 for 464k for the same farm.

The bullocks section topped at £1,240 for a 654k saler from Castlewellan.

A Rathfriland farmer: 592k Charolais at £1,220. Derrycraw farmer: 486k Limousin at £1,000.

Friesian bullocks sold to £900 for a Hillsborough farmer.

Dropped calves reached £450 for a Belgian Blue bull from Lisburn with a similar lot at £350 for the same farm.

An Annalong farmer topped the females at £305 for a Belgian Blue heifer calf.


Hillhall farmer: Belgian Blue bulls £450 and £350. Scarva farmer: Pen of Aberdeen Angus £290, £290, £285, £285, £285, £285 and £240. Quilly farmer: Hereford bull £285. Loughbrickland farmer: Hereford bull £285. Annalong farmer: Belgian Blue heifer £305. Clontifleece farmer: Simmental heifer £260, £255 and £250. Scarva farmer: Aberdeen Angus heifer £240.


Ballyward farmer: 304k at £670, 254k at £545, 184k at £525, 232k at £530, 186k at £480. Rostrevor farmer: 364k at £795, 326k at £735, 292k at £645, 278k at £600, 226k at £485. Banbridge farmer: 356k at £870, 372k at £860, 326k at £820, 350k at £800, 342k at £780, 352k at £770 etc. Newry farmer: 254k at £580, 276k at £600, 306k at £615. Co Antrim farmer: 298k at £650, 284k at £645, 346k at £735, 210k at £540 etc.


Derrycraw farmer: 464k at £900, 500k at £910. Warrenpoint farmer: 444k at£870, 310k at £645. Ballinran farmer: 264k at £490. Glenavy farmer: 356k at £730, 330k at £645, 350k at £645. Leitrim farmer: 422k at £795, 352k at £640.


Castlewellan farmer: 654k at £1,240. Rathfriland farmer: 592k at £1,220 and 580k at £1,145. Derrycraw farmer: 656k at £1,200, 486k at £2,000, 460k at £945. Castlewellan farmer: Three lots, all over 30 months; 646k at £1,100, 696k at £1,100, 614k at £1,010. Corgary farmer: 464k at £960, 472k at £880, 490k at £910.

Hogget prices took another big rise on Tuesday evening.

While the top price was £106 paid for heavy hoggets from Ballymartin, the sale average was 414p/k across the board.

Hogget prices have risen approximately £10 per head in two weeks.

A pen of 21k texels sold at £89 or 423.8p/k and 23k at £98 or 420p/k.

A pen of 23.5k from Newcastle at £100 or 425.5p/k.

Fedney farmer: 23.2k at £98 or 422p/k. Katesbridge farmer: 23k at £96 or 417p/k. Ballymartin farmer: 24.4k at £102.50 = 420p/k. Kilkeel farmer: 24k at £99.50 or 414p/k. Ballyward farmer: 24.5k at £99.50 or 414p/k. Grallagh farmer: 23k at £95 or 413p/k. Cabra farmer: 18.4k at £75.50 or 410p/k. Hilltown farmer: 24.6k at £99 or 405p/k.


Annalong farmer: £95 and £90. Ballynahinch farmer: £94. Mayobridge farmer: £90. Fedney farmer: £85. Hilltown farmer: £85. 10 lots of ewes sold at £80 per head.

Special entry next Tuesday (20th February: 25 one and two year old ewes all scanned in lamb.