Show champion sells for £1300 at Markethill Mart

Markethill Livestock Sales six annual show and sale of Charolais suckled calves saw an increased entry of 540 head of top quality stock.

Monday, 14th October 2019, 3:27 pm
Markethill Mart
Markethill Mart

The show champion, a male, from Mr Noel Graham, Annahilt, Lisburn was sold at £1300 (362kg) to Mr D O’Hanlon, Killeavy, Newry.

The reserve show champion, a heifer, from Mr Kyle McCall, Armagh weighed 350kg and sold at £1100.

A full gallery of buyers, mostly return customers, ensured that vendors received very satisfactory prices, reinforcing the fact that there will always be a ready demand for good quality Charolais sired calves.

Top quality male calves sold from £230 per 100kg to £317 per 100kg for 240kg and £760 from N Caherty, Newtownhamilton.

This sale is exceptionally well supported by sellers and buyers from throughout Northern Ireland.

It attracts calves from leading herds and is probably the best display of Charolais calves in the province.

The show and sale was sponsored by Mr Nicholas Johnston, Johnston Agri, Clogher, Co Tyrone.

The show judge, Mr Nigel Matchett, Portadown, commented on the standard of Charolais calves on offer as “The best sale of Charolais calves in Northern Ireland.”

Markethill Livestock Sales will strive to support the marketing of quality Charolais calves, both in their special annual events and in their weekly calf and weanling sales.

Strong heifer weanlings

Newtownhamilton farmer 404 £985 £244.00; Newry farmer 414k £950 £229.00; Richhill farmer 438k £995 £227.00; Richhill farmer 420k £950 £226.00; Newtownhamilton farmer 414k £930 £225.00; Armagh farmer 402k £900 £224.00 and Newtownhamilton farmer 424k £900 £212.00.

Light heifer weanlings

Newtownhamilton farmer 240k £760 £317.00; Armagh farmer 350k £1100 £314.00; Newtownhamilton farmer 360k £1120 £311.00; Armagh farmer 324k £1000 £309.00; Armagh farmer 278k £820 £295.00; Armagh farmer 274k £800 £292.00; Armagh farmer 244k £690 £283.00 and Craigavon farmer 280k £790 £282.00.

Strong male weanlings

Armagh farmer 452k £1090 £241.00; Richhill farmer 410k £970 £237.00; Richhill farmer 406k £940 £232.00; Annahilt farmer 418k £960 £230.00; Annahilt farmer 426k £970 £228.00; Armagh farmer 404k £900 £223.00; Newtownhamilton farmer 416k £890 £214.00 and Moy farmer 478k £1010 £211.00.

Light male weanlings

Show Champion Annahilt farmer 362k £1300 £359.00; Tassagh farmer 262k £850 £324.00; Richhill farmer 294k £900 £306.00; Armagh farmer 250k £760 £304.00; Richhill farmer 308k £920 £299.00; Newtownhamilton farmer 322k £920 £286.00; Armagh farmer 342k £940 £275.00; Armagh farmer 250k £740 £296.00; Newtownhamilton farmer 238k £700 £294.00 and Richhill farmer 276k £810 £293.00.