Store heifers sell to £1,240 at Rathfriland Co-Op

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Last Friday’s (September 28th) cattle sale saw the best entry of quality cattle and the best prices so far this autumn.

Pen after pen of bullocks sold from £1,000 to £1,220 (twice).

Quite a few pens averaged over 220p/k.

Good heifers excelled with an Edenagarry farmer reaching £1240 for a 570k Charolais or 218p/k with a similar lot at £1,200.

A Dromara farmer sold a 414k Limousin heifer at £930 or 225p/k.

Bullocks reached £1,220 (twice) for a 582k Limousin from Ballysallagh and 650k Charolais from Clough.

A Banbridge farmer sold 10 Charolais to average 223p/k eg, 466k at £1,060, 488k at £1,090 etc.

Some smashing weanlings cleared up to £940 for 440k Limousin from Dromara.

A 400k Belgian Blue sold at £930 from Crieve.

A 340k Limousin from Banbridge sold at £830 etc.

A Legananny farmer averaged 240p/k for a pen of six Charolais males and females.

Fat cows sold to £1,070 for a 596k lot from Edenagarry.

Sucklers to £1,130.

Dropped calves sold to £380 for a Limousin from Newtownhamilton and £360 for an Angus from Kells, Co Antrim.


Newtownhamilton farmer: Limousin bull £380, Limousin heifer £270. Kells farmer, Aberdeen Angus bulls £360, £345, heifers £325 and £300. Ballyward farmer: Belgian Blue bull £355. Lisburn farmer: Belgian Blue bull £345. Dromore farmer: Aberdeen Angus bull £265. Annalong farmer: Aberdeen Angus bull £255, heifer £225. Warrenpoint farmer: Charolais £250. Friesian calves to £230 (twice) from Kells.


Dromara farmer: 440k at £940, 418k at £925. Edenagarry farmer: 438k at £930, 422k at £880, 340k at £790, 314k at £200 etc. Castlewellan farmer: 440k at £920, 404k at £890, 388k at £800, 384k at £750. Banbridge farmer: 440k at £880, 340k at £860, 370k at £800. Drumarkin farmer: 302k at £735, 354k at £785, 330k at £725. Tullymore farmer: 392k at £855, 306k at £620. Crieve farmer: 402k at £930, 328k at £735, 354k at £780.


Edenagarry farmer: 570k at £1,240, 600k at £1,200. Dromara farmer: 454k at £970, 414k at £930, 432k at £855, 394k at £780. Grallagh farmer: 366k at £760, 382k at £740. Artana farmer: 510k at £1,005.


Edenagarry farmer: 596k at £1,070, 694k at £1,000. Castlewellan farmer: 688k at £960. Dromara farmer: 582k at £880, 696k at £850, 612k at £830, 656k at £805, 566k at £800. Hillsborough farmer: 526k at £620 etc.

Suckler stock up to £1,130, £1,030 and £1,000.


Drumsallagh farmer: 582k at £1,220, 640k at £1,200, 600k at £1,155, 590k at £1,130, 620k at £1,100, 620k at £1,080, 550k at £1,005 etc. Artana farmer: 510k at £1,005. Dromara farmer: 600k at £1,190. Clough farmer: 650k at £1,220. Moyadd farmer: 622k at £1,200. Ballyskeagh farmer: 604k at £1,125, 576k at £1000, 540k at £1000, 540k at £975. Ballyward farmer: 592k at £1,105. Tanvalley farmer: 524k at £1090, 532k at £1010, 454k at £950, 474k at £970. Ballyward farmer: 544k at £1,065. Drumarkin farmer: 464k at £900, 438k at £850, 402k at £800. Banbridge farmer: 488k at £1,090, 466k at £1060, 480k at £1,040, 460k at £1,020, 464k at £1,000, 436k at £970, 412k at £920, 426k at £970 etc.