Weanlings sell to £900 for 330kg Charolais at Fivemiletown Mart

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The good entry of cattle at Friday’s sale sold to a strong demand for all types, with weanlings selling to £2.72 for a Charolais £900/330kg and £2.84 for a Charolais £740/260kg.

The following is a brief report of prices:

WEANLING BULLOCKS/BULLS – B Cassidy, Rosslea, Charolais £1,020/460 kg (£2.21), Charolais £900/330 kg (£2.72). G Smyton, Fivemiletown, Charolais £815/360kg (£2.26). H Armstrong, Tempo, Charolais £740/260 kg (£2.84), £730/370kg. L McCutcheon, Charolais £875/380kg, Charolais £780/340kg. P Kearns, Enniskillen, Belgian Blue £810/380kg, Aberdeen Angus £845/430kg, Simmental £890/470kg. P Kelly, Boho, Limousin £805/310kg, Limousin £735/340kg, Charolais £790/300kg, £765/290kg, £690/320kg, Limousin £825/370kg. P Slevin, Dromore, Charolais £825/400kg, Simmental £695/360kg. E G Elliott, Springfield, Aberdeen Angus £815/380kg, Aberdeen Angus £870/450kg, Limousin £795/390kg. C McCarron, Tempo, Charolais £840/420kg. C Cassidy, Rosslea, Charolais £880/400kg, £800/400kg. A Mullarky, Charolais 630/310kg. M Swift, Irvinestown, Limousin £780/380kg, £735/400kg. G and T Clendenning, Brookeborough, Limousin £665/280kg. B McCann, Coa, Limousin £780/320kg, £625/280kg, £650/320kg. J and M Wilson, Tempo, Limousin £665/320kg. Y McGirr, Fintona, Blonde d’Aquitaine £710/340kg. J Breen, Fintona, Limousin £655/320kg. B Primrose, Fivemiletown, Aberdeen Angus twins £545/200kg each.

WEANLING HEIFERS – L McCutcheon, Clabby, Charolais £840/420kg, Charolais £780/340kg, Charolais £775/360 kg. S Breen, Trillick, Limousin £660/280kg. E Elliott, Springfield, Limousin £690/330 kg. G Smyton, Fivemiletown, Limousin £625/280kg. H Armstrong, Charolais £785/330kg. B McCann, Coa, Limousin £720/330kg. J and M Wilson, Tempo, Limousin £700/300kg, £625/300kg, £680/340kg. C McCarron, Tempo, Charolais £695/340kg, £695/360kg. A Mullarkey, Charolais £630/260kg. D Irvine, Fintona, Limousin £615/320kg. S and J McGinley, Eskra, Aberdeen Angus £680/380kg, £695/380kg, £620/310kg, £490/200kg, £575/300kg.

STORE HEIFERS – A McDonagh, Fintona, Charolais £945/500kg. E Slevin, Dromore, Charolais £845/380kg, Simmental £650/370kg. A Crawford, Fivemiletown, Aberdeen Angus £820/430kg, Hereford £760/410kg, £855/500kg, £745/400kg.