Bullock to £1250 at Rathfriland, another good sale of cattle

Another good cattle sale on Friday with over 100 bullocks selling to £1250 for a 664k Lim from Ballyward.

Thursday, 1st September 2016, 11:08 am
Updated Thursday, 1st September 2016, 12:16 pm

Hereford bullocks to £1100 for a 570k lot from Closkelt. Suckler stock sold to £1380 for a Lisburn farmer.

Fat cows to £1115 for a 798k blue from Ballynahinch. Heifers sold to 220p/k for a 408k lot at £900. A 476k lot from the same Dromore farm sold at £1040 or 218p/k. A Rathfriland farmer reached £1210 for a 660k Ch and averaged £1133 for 6.

In the weanling section both male and female sold to £775 for Dromore and Kilkeel farmers. A top of 241p/k paid to a Downpatrick farmer for 310k at £750. Dropped calves to £500 for a strong Lim heifer calf with bulls reaching £390.

DROPPED CALVES: Fofanny farmer: £500 and £370. Tory Brae farmer: Angus bull £435. Castlewellan farmer: £390 for a Her bull. Clontifleece farmer: £350 for a Fck bull. Hillsborough farmer: Angus heifer £335. Ballyward farmer: Lim heifer £250. Banbridge farmer: Herefords £240, £230, £220, £220, £205. Cabra farmer: MBE heifers to £270.

WEANLINGS: Greencastle farmer: pen of Ch heifers 410k at £795, 386k at £765, 344k at £695, 340k at £695. Dromore farmer: 388k at £775. Banbridge farmer: 310k at £750, 340k at £740, 326k at £660. Crumlin farmer: 326k at £690, 294k at £660. Dromore farmer: 374k at £690, 372k at £680. Millford farmer: 426k at £740 and 326k at £630.

HEIFERS: Rathfriland farmer: 660k at £1210, 618k at £1145, 606k at £1140, 594k at £1105, 584k at £1105, 584k at £1100 and 602k at £1100. Dromore farmer: 476k at £1040 and 408k at £900. Banbridge farmer: 400k at £750, 344k at £720, 336k at £670, 374k at £695 and 330k at £650. Cascum farmer: 482k at £840, 440k at £805, 422k at £785. Newry farmer: 542k at £975, 542k at £925, 484k at £830 etc.

SUCLKERS AND FAT COWS: A Lisburn farmer topped the sucklers at £1380. A Ballynahinch farmer topped the fat cows at £1115 for a 798k Blue.

BULLOCKS: Ballyward farmer: 664k at £1250, 534k at £1040, 520k at £950, 476k at £955, 516k at £965 etc. Closkelt farmer: pen of Herefords 570k at £1100, 602k at £1090, 608k at £1055, 528k at £980, 520k at £950, 480k at £850 etc. Annaclone farmer: 460k at £900. Downpatrick farmer: 494k at £910, 578k at £1000, 454k at £830, 508k at £865, 434k at £760 etc. Newry farmer: 602k at £1080, 594k at £1060, 536k at £975 and 556k at £975.

All sheep were a consistent trade on Tuesday evening. Lambs reached £90 for a Ballyroney farmer. The top 10 lots sold from £83 to £90 per head. Stores reached 398p/k for 20k at £79.50. Fat ewes sold to £85 per head.

LAMBS: Ballyroney farmer: £90 for 30k. Downpatrick farmer: 24.5k at £86.50 and 24.5k at £85. Grallagh farmer: 25.5k at £84.50. Ballywillwill farmer: 25k at £84. Emdale farmer: 27k at £84. Loughbrickland farmer: 23k at £83.50. Legananny farmer: 25k at £83. Dromore farmer: 25k at £83. Cabra farmer: 20k at £79.50. Ballynahinch farmer: 15.5k at £58 etc.

FAT EWES: Dromore farmer: £85. Downpatrick farmer: £80 and £76. Poyntzpass farmer: £78 and £73 etc.

Next breeding sheep sale is Monday 5th September at 7.00pm.