Bullocks sell to £1240 at Lisahally Mart

Another excellent entry of cattle at Lisahally on Wednesday sold to a strong trade.

Thursday, 22nd September 2016, 12:51 pm
Updated Wednesday, 5th October 2016, 1:54 pm

Prices as follows:

BULLOCKS: Cecil Ross £1240/720kg, £1190/700kg, £1190/660kg, £1180/640kg, £1165/620kg, £1100/630kg, £1095/620kg, £1090/660kg, £1070/640kg, Robert Hamilton £1230/600kg, £1100/580kg, £1040/570kg, Steven Robinson £1175/640kg, £1160/630kg, £1065/560kg, Noel Curly £1150/570kg, Daniel Wade £1100/650kg, £1050/600kg, £1025/570kg, £1000/660kg, Robert McCrea £1055/550kg, £995/530kg, £965/520kg, £945/550kg, Stephen McDevitt £970/480kg, £945/490kg, £915/480kg, £900/470kg, £890/470kg, David Snodgrass £905/40kg, Noel Curly £930/530kg, David Snodgrass £925/520kg, £920/540kg, S Devine £880/410kg.

HEIFERS: Robert McCrea £1100/610kg, £1090/580kg, £1080/570kg, £1065/560kg, £1045/560kg, Steven Robinson £1085/530kg, £1075/540kg, £1010/550kg, £980/530kg, Andrew Stewart £1065/530kg, G Christie £1015/520kg, £980/450kg, Ivan Donnell £1005/510kg, S Cairns £1000/580kg, David Snodgrass £965/600kg, Ivan Donnell £955/510kg, Steven Robinson £940/5560kg, £885/470kg, G Christie £895/500kg, £895/470kg, Andrew Stewart £890/480kg.

SUCKLER COWS: W Allen £1310, £1280, £1270, £1210, £1210, £1200, £1200, £1180, £1120, £1120, £1100, £1090, £1080, £1060, £1040, £1030, £1000, £1000, £990.

FAT COWS: W and D Devine £1254/760kg, Robert Devine £900.90/770kg, Andrew McKinley £890.50/650KG, Liam Devine £875.70/630kg, Aidan McLaughlin £842.40/720kg, Robert Devine £781/710kg, R Killen £780/600kg, John McMillan £766.80/710kg, R Killen £693/550kg, £538.20/460kg, Andrew McKinley £632.20/580kg, Daniel O’Neill £591.60/510kg.