Averages up at the URBA 8th Blackface In Lamb and Dry Ewe Lamb Sale

The Ulster Ram Breeders’ Association held their 8th Blackface In Lamb & Dry Ewe Lamb Sale on Monday, 12th February in Ballymena Livestock Mart.

62 In Lamb Ewes sold out of 71 forward on the night averaging £1044, and 1 Dry ewe lamb sold out of three forward averaging £800 proving to be as

popular a sale as ever with numbers sold and averages up.

Oliver & Sean Brannigan, Glenbeg Blackies took the top price of the evening with 2 crop ewe, Sire: 22k Dalchirla, sire of dam: 10k Hartside, scanned single to 55k Auldhouseburn.

John & Patrick Harkin, Loughash sold their 2 crop ewe for 4200gns, sire: 26k Elmscleugh, sire of dam: 24k Elmscleugh, scanned twins to 15k Elmscleugh.

This was followed by Glenbeg Blackies receiving 3500gns for two other ewes, a 2 crop sire: 22k Dalchirla. Sire of dam: son of 12k Crossflatt, scanned single to 28k Glenbeg and the other a 1 crop ewe sire: Jaws son 22k Dalchirla, sire of dam: 10k Hartside, scanned twins to 55k Auldhouseburn.

Mark & Russell Smyth, Cam Blackface received 3100gns for a gimmer sire: 7.5k S Adams scanned twins to (2023) 5k Calla.

Other leading prices of the sale went to Corlacky Blackies, P McGuigan selling their gimmer for 2400gns scanned twins to 10k Glenrath. Loughash, J & P Harkin received 2000gns for their 2 crop ewe scanned twins to 55k Auldhouseburn. B Robinson took 1800gns for a gimmer scanned twins 1.6k Calla. M & R Smyth, Cam Blackface sold their second gimmer of the night for 1600gns scanned twins to 7.5k T & J Adams (son of Fury). 1200gns went to Rock (Loughash) and Corlacky Blackies, P McGuigan, 1100gns, 1000gns B Douglas, 1100gns M & R Smyth, 1000gns, 850gns C McGilligan, 1000gns, 800gns T & A Butler, 1000gns C McEldowney, 900gns, 800gns Glenbuck, 900gns, 800gns P Kennedy, 800gns A & J Knox, 800gns x2 C McHenry, 800gns G Crawford.

This was the third year that dry ewe lambs were up for sale with the top price of 800gns going to B Robinson for his ewe lamb sire: 1.6k Calla, sire of dam: 4.5k Craigneich.

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