Excellent entry of stock at Pomeroy as demand remains good

There was an excellent entry of stock on Thursday sold to great demand.

Thursday, 1st September 2016, 12:05 pm
Updated Thursday, 1st September 2016, 1:06 pm

BULLOCKS: Alaistair Brown £1075/590kg, Gary Nugent £1070/580kg, £950/520kg, £900/510kg, £875/460kg, Alaistair Brown £1010/550kg, £1005/560kg, W Mooney £910/540kg, £900/500kg, £880/490kg, Gareth Corcoran £860/390kg, £830/360kg, £820/430kg, £775/410kg, £760/350kg, £760/360kg, £750/470kg, £750/350kg, G McDonald £845/460kg, £770/460kg, W Mooney £815/460kg, George Mitchell £800/370kg.

HEIFERS: Justin McElduff £1130, £890, S Kelly £790/470kg, £775/470kg, Jamie Patrick £750/340kg, S Kelly £750/440kg, J Hetherington £740/370kg, £735/420kg, £700/380kg, George Mitchell £730/460kg, £670/400kg, Jamie Patrick £730/290kg, Trevor Rainey £680/400kg, R McAteer £670/390kg, George Mitchell £665/440kg, Noel Graham £660/470kg, J Hetherington £650/350kg, £635/360kg.