Strong demand throughout for cattle at Lisahally

Great demand on cattle on Wednesday.

Thursday, 1st September 2016, 11:21 am
Updated Thursday, 1st September 2016, 12:26 pm

Strong prices throughout as bullocks make £1295/660kg and heifers £1215/720kg.

BULLOCKS: Maurice Thompson £1295/660kg, £1230/610kg, £1120/620kg, I Smyth £1230/590kg, £1140/590kg, Hamilton Sayers £1170/590kg, Patrick O’Connor £1100/560kg, Noel Curly £1100/520kg, £1065/530kg, £1035/520kg, William Barclay £1090/560kg, £1045/550kg, £990/510kg, Andrew McKinley £1090/630kg, Alan McMurray £1080/640kg, £1015/620kg, William Bond £1060/530kg, Hamilton Sayers £1040/570kg, £990/530kg, £990/580kg, William Bond £1035/590kg, £990/520kg, £980/503kg, I Smyth £1000/520kg, Graeme Cowan £970/620kg, Maurice Thompson £965/510kg, J and P McCaughey £945/510kg.

HEIFERS: Aidan McLaughlin £1215/720kg, £1080/590kg, Graeme Cowan £1050/590kg, £920/570kg, Hamilton Sayers £1020/530kg, £930/480kg, £900/490kg, J Cowan £995/510kg, John Beattie £950/560kg, £895/480kg, Aidan McLaughlin £885/450kg, £830/510kg, £800/490kg, Charlie McShane £850/470kg, John Beattie £825/460kg, £800/520kg, S Todd £795/460kg, £790/470kg, S Devine £790/430kg.

Fat lambs sell to £90 on Tuesday followed by a strong trade throughout.

FAT LAMBS: Martin O’Connor £90/32kg, Brian Johnston £85.50/24kg, Robert Lowry £85.20/25kg, £85/25kg, Patrick McKeever £85/25kg, Thomas Farrell £84.50/26kg, C George £84.50/25kg, Robert Rankin £84/25kg, Hugh McGuinness £84/24kg, Norman McFarland £81.80/24kg, W Devine £81.50/23kg, Robert Lowery £81/23kg, Martin O’Connor £80.50/23kg, John Patton £80, Jerry O’Hara £80/23kg, S Devine £78/23kg, Kathleen Smyth £77.80/23kg, Samuel McLoughlin £77.50/23kg.

STORE LAMBS: Jenny Maxwell £74.50, W Patterson £74.20, Alaistair Glenn £72.80, William Knobs £71.80, Shane McCloskey £71.80, Gerard Doherty £70.

FAT EWES: Martin O’Connor £75.50, Thomas Henderson £70, Aidan McLaughlin £70, Kelly Farms £65.50, S Devine £62, Morris McDonald £61.

BREEDING HOGGETS: Wilton Goligher £127, £113, Oliver Parkhill £115,£108 , Wilfred Purcell £110, £109, Hugh McNicholl £110, Kevin McGee £109, W Goligher £104, Kelly Farms £101.