Top tips for managing your EFS agreement and claim

With Environmental Farming Scheme (EFS) inspections already under way, DAERA is urging all agreement holders to make sure they are keeping to their EFS agreement and that that their EFS claim on the Single Application form is still accurate. This will help to speed up payment and avoid penalties.

Thursday, 17th October 2019, 9:52 am

Tip 1. Make sure your Single Application claim for payment is accurate. Check over the details of your agreement to make sure you have completed all the works you’ve agreed to do by the specified deadlines. Your EFS agreement can be found on your DAERA Online Services portal

Tip 2. Amend your claim as soon as possible after the option completion deadline if you have not completed all the works for which you claimed. Use the EFS SAF3 Amendment Form which can be downloaded from the DAERA website to do this.

Tip 3. Make sure each option is completed to the standard specified on the EFS Information Sheets which can be found on the DAERA website.

Tip 4. Keep your field records up to date. This must be done each and every year of your agreement and generally should include details of the amount, location and date the works were completed. EFS Higher records should also include stock movements and stocking rates. Wider and Higher Field Record Sheets can be found online.

Tip 5. If you haven’t done so, complete your on-line training through the CAFRE website. Your EFS payment will not be released until your online training is fully complete. Businesses which have not completed their training by 31 December will have their agreement cancelled.

Remember that your EFS agreement can be inspected at any time during the five year agreement period.

If work is found to have been claimed and not completed or not up to specification, monies paid will be recovered.