New offers from Burger King, as more UK outlets re-open their doors

Choose from a wider selection of Burger King chain restaurants, as more outlets welcome customers back within the company’s phased re-opening plan.

Those that have just re-opened their doors include venues across the country as follows; Bradford The Broadway SC, Bury ST Edmunds Arc SC, Bury The Rock SC, Doncaster Frenchgate SC, Freeport Talke RP, Harlow Harvey SC, Harrow St Annes SC, Hemel Hempstead The Marlowes SC, Hounslow Treaty SC, Leeds Merrion SC, Peterborough Queensgate SC, Preston St George SC and Twickenham London Road.

They will be open for dine-in, takeaway and home delivery. Customers will be able to place orders via Deliveroo/Just Eat.

Although customers won’t be able to access the full Burger King menu, Burger King favourites such as the Chicken Royale, Bacon Double Cheeseburger and Whopper will all be available to order.

To enable restaurants to continue to reopen a number of procedures have been put in place to safeguard the health of employees and customers.

These include additional PPE such as masks and gloves for staff, stringent cleaning measures, contactless delivery options via Deliveroo and Just Eat.

All Burger King staff are trained on the Government’s social distancing measures – including how to run kitchens hygienically, while abiding by them.

Katie Evans, marketing director at Burger King UK, said: “We are so pleased to be able to open more restaurants this week and slowly but surely get back to ‘normal’, ensuring all safety measures are in place.”

Burger King UK have announced super-money saving deals, which, combined with the government’s Eat Out to Help Out scheme, will mean dine in customers will enjoy BK favourites at their lowest ever price!

The in-app offers - available Monday to Friday - have a second phase running from August 17 to 31.

One offer is the Whopper deal. The burger famously known for its flame-grilled 100 per cent beef single patty, will be available through the app for just £1.99 between Monday and Wednesday this year. The same goes for another Burger King sandwich, the Chicken Royale.

By combining these offers with the government scheme, in-restaurant diners can get a further 50 per cent off.

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