Tesco Clubcard members urged to spend vouchers before August expiry date

Tesco is urging some of its Clubcard members to act fast as vouchers due to expire in February only have one week of shelf life left.

Earlier this year, Clubcard users were able to extend their vouchers for an extra six months from February to August due to the pandemic.

Now, thousands of people are being asked to spend their coupons within the next week before the August 31 deadline.

It comes as the coupons only have a two year expiry period for shoppers to make their savings.

The supermarket loyalty programme was first launched in 1995 and attracted nearly five million customers in the first year.

In 2017, the card moved to contactless and handy keyfobs were introduced - now with more than 19 million users in the UK saving their money.

The Clubcard scheme is the supermarket’s loyalty card - now also in app form - which lets shoppers earn points as they spend in stores.

These are then transferred into vouchers, depending on how many points supermarket-goers have built up.

Customers need a minimum of 150 points to qualify for a single voucher, which will be worth £1.50 to spend in Tesco.

Or, points can be saved up and swapped for rewards at restaurants, attractions and shops.

In some cases, the number of points totted up can be tripled in monetary value - with 500 points worth £15.

Examples of places where this is possible include restaurant chains such as Bella Italia, Cafe Rouge, Pizza Express, Prezzo and Zizzi.

Via the app, there is an option to look up how many points you can swap or trade in for vouchers - which are usually processed within 24 hours.

Or you can print out the vouchers or use them online immediately.

If your are close to expiring, but you do not want to spend them just yet, there is a trick to extend them.

Turn your coupons into Faster Vouchers and they will last 21 months from the date you convert your vouchers.

This means you could get an extra 21 months use out of them beyond the usual two-year expiry date.