The funniest reactions to Arctic Monkeys divisive new album

The Arctic Monkeys first album in five years, Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino, is released today and reaction to the Sheffield band's latest effort has been divisive to say the least.

The hotly awaited sixth album had fans waiting until midnight for

The release represents a dramatic departure from previous album AM, with signature guitar riffs swapped out for piano and other worldly sound.

While the band's debut effort Whatever People Say I Am That's What I Am Not was largely set in the group's hometown, their new material is set on a fictinal resort which gives the album its name.

While many are in awe of Alex Turner's typically slick lyrics, others are bemused by the drastic change of direction.

Theories of Turner's Inspiration for the album varied from TripAdvisor to Super Hans

Alex Turner describes the thinking behind the new Arctic Monkeys album

— Big Beat Manifesto (@bigbtmanifesto) May 11, 2018

While others suggested the inspiration was closer to home

Arctic MonkeysActic MonkeysAtic MonkeysTic MonkeysThe MonkeysThe Last MonkeysThe Last Shadow MonkeysThe Last Shadow Puppets

— Óscar Westermeyer (@offwestermeyer) May 11, 2018

Some claimed that Turner and co had forgotten their roots

Listening to Arctic Monkeys new album is like bumping into that old school mate you used to absolutely love, but now they’ve got some questionable facial hair and political views and you much preferred them when they were swigging warm, flat cider in a field x

— Liberty Angris (@LibertyAngris) May 11, 2018

The album also received criticism for being repetitive

Best way to some up the new arctic monkeys album is that I listened to 5 songs in the shower without realising it had changed

— Sam (@SamCrook7) May 11, 2018

... and boring

Arctic Monkeys 2006: I bet you look good on the dancefloor.Arctic Monkeys 2018: Please leave the dancefloor in an orderly fashion.

— Jordan Walker (@NOTJORDANWALKER) May 11, 2018

Some fans leaped to the album's defence, criticising detractors

Imagine spending 5 years working on an album inspired by music trailblazers; just to be slagged off on twitter by a 15 year old lad with a dark fruits in hand because you don't sing about glassing people in pubs when you're 30. Arctic Monkeys new album is great. Deal with it

— Cavan (@CavanSnow) May 11, 2018

While one tweeter was completely on board with the moon-themed album

tranquility base hotel and casino is the most interesting arctic monkeys album both musically and thematically and if alex turner did open a taco stand on the moon I’d be first in line

— Harry Bunting (@HarryBunting1) May 11, 2018

Pigeon Detectives' lead singer Matt Bowman also gave his seal of approval

It’s a good job Arctic Monkeys put their tour on sale before releasing the album! I think the ‘lads lads lads’ are going to struggle for a sing along. Personally I think it’s great...lots to discover on each listen and full of sentiment. It’s a concept & it’s clever..bravo!

— Matt Bowman (@PIGEON_MATT) May 11, 2018

One critic, however, suggested fans were forcing them to like the album...

everyone listening to the new arctic monkeys albums and collectively trying to convince themselves they like it

— cat 🍜 (@filmgloss) May 11, 2018

While one detractor put it rather more crassly

Arctic Monkeys could release an album of them farting into the mic for 40 minutes and NME would give it 5 stars

— india 👽 Ⓥ (@mileskaane) May 11, 2018

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