Wendy's fast food chain makes UK comeback to rival McDonald's and Burger King - full list of restaurants

American burger giant Wendy’s is making a comeback after shutting 22 years ago in the UK – with plans for more than 400 nationwide restaurants.

Wendy’s became the second-largest burger restaurant in the United States after it said it ‘de-throned’ Burger King last year and it’s now taking it’s chances again across the globe.

‘Significant scale’

Bosses now want the restaurant to give McDonalds a run for its money as it gets set to create around 12,000 jobs across hundreds of British diners.

But with 900 less restaurants – Wendy’s will still be much smaller than McDonalds.

Abigail Pringle, head of international operations, said she envisaged the restaurant growing to a “significant scale” in the UK, before springboarding onto Europe.

With 30 to 50 employees per restaurant, the company is aiming to create around 12,000 jobs at up to 400 sites – and will be partnering with Uber Eats for deliveries.

As part of the launch, Wendy’s has said Brits will be offered exclusive new extras – including vegetarian options while staying true to their square-shaped burger roots.

1,500 calories

The restaurant - which originally opened in Ohio in 1969 - is known for offering huge portions.

Famously it’s menu includes the whopping Pretzel Bacon Pub Triple – which is more than 1,500 calories.

Takeaway lovers can also order Breakfast Baconators, towering triple-stacked beef burgers and Chocolate Frosty desserts at hundreds of restaurants the firm is planning to establish in the UK in the coming years.

Wendy’s bosses haven’t disclosed all five locations for the new restaurants but have revealed the opening date for their first diner.

Plans are underway to open the first location in Reading on June 2.

The Berkshire site will then be followed by four more at locations - including Oxford and Stratford later in 2021.

It comes as from May 17 – Boris Johnson has given ‘Step Three’ of the UK roadmap the green light.

Hospitality venues such as restaurants, pubs, bars and cafes can then reopen to food-lovers with tables and chairs indoors.