Best battery-run grass trimmers 2023: keep your garden tidy with an environmentally friendly electric trimmer

Petrol grass trimmers are bad for the environment, electric come with cables: we look at the leading brands of battery grass cutters

Best battery-run grass trimmers UK 2023 Best battery-run grass trimmers UK 2023
Best battery-run grass trimmers UK 2023

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Unrestricted by cumbersome cables and free from filthy petrol emissions, battery powered trimmers provide the gardener with an easy means through which to tame long grassy areas and gnarly bramble thickets. Modern Li-Ion batteries and advancements in engine tech means that some of the top spec trimmers can generate slicing power comparable with petrol-driven machines but without the negative environmental impact caused by a belching exhaust.

Battery longevity still remains an issue with many of the lower cost machines offering around 20 minutes or so of cutting time. Fine if you’ve only got a small area to deal with, but if you are planning a titanic trimming session, you may wish to consider investing in extra batteries to have on charge whilst you work.

Things to look for in a battery grass trimmer

Cutting head

Check the size of the cutting head and choose appropriately for your needs. A large cutting head means you can trim a larger area quickly, but the flipside is extra weight and a reduction in maneuverability when trimming in confined areas such as narrow pathways between flowery borders.

Some of the more expensive trimmers incorporate bump-feed line mechanisms. During use the trimmer wire will wear down, so by bashing the base of the cutting head on the ground the mechanism will feed out more line to facilitate uninterrupted work.


Most trimmers are easily adjustable to suit the height and posture of the user so in theory you should be able to buy blind without trying them out first. That said, it’s always best to take one for a spin in a showroom or garden centre first, just to make sure it suits your stance.


Power tool batteries are expensive, but if you already own cordless power tools you may be able to swap and share. Many power tool brands are now utilizing the ‘powershare’ model, meaning you can swap similar batteries from tool to tool and from manufacturer to manufacturer. For companies who use their own bespoke battery range, It might make sense to stay loyal to the brand (or brands) you own.

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