Best men’s walking boots 2023 UK: how to choose a men’s walking boot, best from On, Berghaus, Salomon

Keep your feet safe, comfortable, and stable as you hit the hiking trail with one of these excellent pairs of walking boots

Best men’s hiking boots 2022Best men’s hiking boots 2022
Best men’s hiking boots 2022

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If you are serious about your walking, we can not stress enough that a pair of weather Converse will not serve you when you’re trekking (no disrespect to that brand, which is terrific for schlepping around down).

You need to invest in a sturdy pair of walking boots. Why?

A good pair of hiking boots can make your life a lot easier when tackling a variety of terrains on your adventures.

Hiking boot technology has come a long way over the years, and even some of the most affordable boots on the market today offer excellent waterproofing, weatherproofing and durability for the day-to-day wearer. More simply - you’ll be a lot more comfortable, and your feet will be safer from injury. You’re also likely to cut down on blisters and bunions - a welcome relief to those who know that pain.

For the more adventurous amongst you, newer versions of popular hiking boots have been refined over the years to provide excellent comfort and wearability in the toughest of conditions.

Best men’s hiking boots at glance

What to look for in a hiking boot

Inevitably this question turns to how you might use your boots – but it’s important to pay attention to the types of materials used and the boot’s weights to ascertain which option to go for. If you’re in scrubby, muddy woodland terrain, you might want a more durable, heavy-duty boot.

If you’re in wintery, snowy conditions, look for warmth and padding as a key priority. If you’re looking to cover rocky, stony ground with a lack of traction, look for something that can provide you with dynamic, flexible grip.

How much money do I have to spend?

We’ve included a range of options below, covering price-points from around £60 to £200+. Our advice would be to refer to the point above and spend based on your needs. If you’re buying boots to wear on your dog walks, the technology included in the most basic pairs of boots will probably be enough.

If you’re on multi-day hikes or treks, look at spending a bit more for added comfort and protection. There’s nothing worse than uncomfortable, or more importantly, inappropriate boots for the conditions you’re in, and our advice would be to get to know the materials, weights and feels of different fabrics and styles to find what’s right for you.

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