Digital tax, feeding and first aid for Mid Down

Olive Mercer practices some of the first aid techniques under the instructor's watchful eye.
Olive Mercer practices some of the first aid techniques under the instructor's watchful eye.

Mid Down have had a busy start to their Winter Programme with the first meeting in October covering winter feeding.

Naomi Rutherford, AFBI, gave a talk on production systems for Holstein beef and Lyle Hamilton, Farm Gate Nutrition, spoke on winter ration options.

Naomi demonstrated the different production systems that have been studied and the results produced from them using the latest technology and more traditional systems.

Lyle discussed conventional feeds, alternative forages, alternative feeds and concentrates and showed the key performance indicators. The main message that came through was: “If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it”.

In November, George Megarry, of TGM Software, gave a presentation on digital tax and offered some solutions to this latest HMRC requirement. This was followed by a presentation by John McCleary, of McCleary & Company, on inheritance tax. The members had many questions for both speakers.

December brought the end of the 2018 centenary year for the group’s fundraising activities with a table quiz in Kings Pub, Finnis.

The group have raised over £3,000 with two days car parking, donations and a table quiz.

The group’s 2019 silage competition sponsored by United Feeds was well supported in all categories with the following winners:

Dairy - William and David Park

Beef and sheep - Richard Moorhead

Alternative forage - Robert Macauley

Bales - Robert Macauley.

Newcomer - Kenny Johnston.

The group held a first aid day where members were trained by Global Horizons Skills Ltd on the common types of emergency situation that occurs on the farm and what to do to help.

The group leaders were delighted that there were so many people participated in this, as although they hope never to need the skills that are taught here, it might play an important part in saving someone’s life in the future. Many thanks to all who helped with setting up, catering and clearing up on the day.

The next meeting is on February 4th and is open to all members for an update on the current UFU issues.

No doubt there are lots of concerns and questions for the policy team especially at this time.