Easy Breathe Calf Bolus providing essential respiratory support

Matrix Animal Health recently premiered the innovative Easy Breathe calf bolus- which is the first of its kind to be available in UK and Ireland.

This new technology calf bolus contains a combination of ingredients which are designed to support a healthy respiratory system in young calves. The bolus has been a lifeline on many calf rearing units across the country over recent weeks with the recent very changeable weather.

The Easy Breathe is a great addition to the very popular calf rearing range of Calf Clear, Calf Dry, Calf Boost and Cattle Thrive. The principle of the Easy Breathe calf bolus has been tried and trusted in farms across Germany, France and the Netherlands for some time and now that same advanced technology bolus has now been made available to farmers here, with customers reporting the same positive results.

Neil, from Farmstrong Agri and distributor in Tyrone for Matrix Animal Health range of products, recently delivered another tub of the new Easy Breathe bolus to the Henderson’s Farm just outside Trillick, Co. Tyrone.

James Henderson spoke to Neil about his experience with the Easy Breathe calf bolus.

“We would regularly buy in calves from various different sources to rear alongside our own calves which bring with them their own problems,” he explained.

“In many cases we won’t have much in terms of a medical history of the bought in calves and sometimes just even the stress of a young calf being mixed with a new batch of calves or working with them such as dehorning or even just bedding is a big enough catalyst. So during these high-risk periods we would use the Easy Breathe calf bolus as a blanket to cover that full group of calves.

“This time of year especially, we keep a particularly close eye on everything with the very changeable weather conditions and will be sure to keep a tub of boluses at hand. This is our second year using the boluses and would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to offer respiratory support when rearing calves.”

Neil added: “We are urging any customers who rear calves to have a tub of Easy Breathe boluses sitting ready and on stand-by as cover over the next few weeks as early intervention is essential.”

For more information please contact your local Matrix Animal Health Agent or shop online at www.matrixanimalhealth.com

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