Six Counties NI Dexter Cattle Group Training Day

The Six Counties NI Dexter Cattle Group held a very successful event on Saturday, 14th August.

This took the form of a halter training day and preparation for showing. The fact that numbers were restricted due to covid regulations proved to be very advantageous as everyone was able to participate in all the activities.

The afternoon commenced with the hosts Rachael and Mervyn Garrett (Loughside Farm) welcoming everyone and introducing the members of the Six Counties Group running the event. They then started with a demonstration of what to look for in choosing a Dexter either to show or to buy. This was demonstrated by Rachael Garrett while the commentary was given by James Eccles.

Then Rachael was joined by Damien Tumelty for a demonstration of safety in working with cattle which included how to put on a halter and tying up. This was followed a scenario of what happens when you get to a show ring and following this all those attending were given the opportunity to walk a cow or a calf while supervised by a member of the committee.

After this while everyone was relaxing with drinks and delicious tray bakes provided by Susan McCullough, an explanation was given of what was needed for a show. All the tack for the Dexter and what the handler should wear was demonstrated. The afternoon ended with a chance to wash a cow which went down well with the younger participants. It was a very successful afternoon and all those attending were very enthusiastic.

Six Counties NI Dexter Cattle Group is a new group started in October 2020 growing fast with over 40 members already. To join us visit

The next Six Counties event is to be a Farm Walk and BBQ at Castlescreen Farm on Sunday, 5th September from 2pm until 6pm.

As well as Dexters, for which they are famous, this farm has lots of other interesting animals. Well worth a visit to learn of their regenerative and sustainable farming methods and their latest diversification – Goat Yoga! Everyone welcome.

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