Steady demand for stock at Lisnaskea

A good entry of stock this week again sold to a steady demand in Lisnaskea Livestock Sales on Tuesday, 25th January.

Heavy Steers sold to £1330 for a 670kg Lim. (£199) from a Tempo Producer.

Weanling Males sold to £1030 for a 380kg Ch. (£271) from a Garrison Producer and £1025 for a 410kg Ch. (£250) from a Fivemiletown Producer.

Smaller ones sold to £328 per 100kg for a 195kg Lim. to £640, £310 per 100kg for a 200kg Lim. to £620, and £307 per 100kg for a 215kg Lim. to £660 for a Tempo Producer.


Weanling Heifers sold to £960 for a 430kg Daq. (£223) and £279 per 100kg for a 240kg Daq. to £670 for a Springfield Producer.

Cows & Calves sold to £1000 for AA Cow with B/B. Heifer Calf from a Tempo Producer.


STORE BULLOCKS: Tempo Producer 670kg Lim. to £1330 (£199) 565kg Lim. to £1000 and 385kg Ch. to £915.

COWS & CALVES: Tempo Producer £1000 for AA. Cow with B/B. Heifer Calf.

WEANLING STEERS & BULLS: Garrison Producer 380kg Ch. to £1030 (£271) and 285kg Lim. to £760 (£266) Fivemiletown Producer 410kg Ch. to £1025 (£250) and 315kg Lim. to £755. Lisnaskea Producer 375kg Ch. to £925. Newtownbutler Producer 400kg Lim. to £900, 340kg Lim. to £860, 345kg Lim. to £800, 320kg Lim. to £760 and 310kg Lim. to £730.Rosslea Producer 305kg Ch. to £835 (£274) and 260kg Ch. to £650. Enniskillen Producer 350kg Ch. to £820, 360kg Lim. to £740, 355kg Lim. to £730, and 330kg Lim. to £700. Springing field Producer 350kg Daq. to £785, 250kg Lim. to £690 and 270kg Daq. to £630. Fivemiletown Producer 265kg Ch. to £690. Tempo Producer 215kg Lim. to £660 (£307) 195Kg Lim. to £640 (£328) and 200kg Lim. to £620 (£310) Enniskillen Producer 230kg Lim. to £590.

WEANLING HEIFERS: Springfield Producer 430kg Daq. to £960 (£223) 240kg Daq. to £670 (£279) and 260kg Daq. to £660. (£254) Fivemiletown Producer 345kg Ch. to £875. Fivemiletown Producer 355kg Lim. to £820. Derrylin Producer 425kg Lim. to £820, 420kg Lim. to £790, 390kg Her. to £740, and 320kg Sim. to £600. Derrylin Producer 345kg Lim. to £805, 310kg Lim. to £755, 325kg Lim. to £700, and 285kg Ch. to £660. Garrison Producer 290kg Ch. to £740. Derrylin Producer 280kg AA. to £700, 285kg AA. to £670, and 300kg AA. to £650. Rosslea Producer 315kg Lim. to £690. Lisnaskea Producer 230kg Sim. to £570, 250kg Her. to £550, and 215kg Her. to £445. Florencecourt Producer 235kg Lim. to £530.

Lots more stock required weekly to supply this growing demand.