This Farming Life: Preparations are being made for a very special arrival

Spring is in full flow when This Farming Life returns with episode three tonight.

In the East Neuk of Fife, Ronnie and his sons Pete and Mike are preparing for a very special arrival!

They breed pedigree Clydesdale horses, once common across Scotland, but now classed as ‘at risk’.

Emma is the first of their 15 mares showing signs that she’s ready to foal and, when Pete gets the call at 2am, he has to use all his skills to help bring the new foal into the world safely.

Image: BBC iPlayer.
Image: BBC iPlayer.
Image: BBC iPlayer.

On Orkney, a bumper lambing season is in full swing at the Cursiter family farm.

Thirty-two-year-old Sean, his dad, and young farmer Tegan throw themselves at the gruelling task.

Sean reveals his way of coping with the difficult times is by working out in his homemade gym.

In Loch Ness, Donald’s partner Joanna takes on her first ever lambing shift, shadowing father-in-law Donald Snr.

She’s on a steep learning curve, which results in her lambing a difficult twin birth just two weeks later.

Over on cousin David’s farm, seven-year-old Lucy is also learning the ropes when it comes to lambing.

Tomorrow night, viewers will be transported to the Isle of Bute where lambing is finally over for Emma and Ewan, allowing them time to take stock.

The Scottish National sheepdog trials are just a few weeks away and Emma is keen to get back to her passion - training her dogs.

She’s also hatching a plan to breed peacocks to sell as pets!

In Loch Ness, on the Girvan’s family farm, Barbara is determined to diversify.

Alongside the family’s 900 sheep and herd of Stabiliser cattle, Barbara is planting over 3,000 pumpkin seedlings, as part of her plan to host the largest ‘pick a pumpkin’ event the Glen has ever seen.

Later, when one of David’s Stabiliser cows gets into trouble during labour, vet Mary Jo intervenes to save both the calf and cow.

In the East Neuk of Fife, it’s mating season for Ronnie and Pete’s pedigree Clydesdale horses.

The father and son duo are turning to cutting edge science and attempting an embryo transfer using a surrogate mare in an attempt to preserve the legacy of one of their best horses.

This Farming Life will air on BBC Scotland at 8pm tonight and tomorrow night (Wednesday), however, viewers in Northern Ireland can watch the episodes on BBC iPlayer shortly after broadcast.

Check out this article for more details on how and when viewers in Northern Ireland can watch the new series.