This Farming Life: What do this week’s episodes of series five have in store?

This Farming Life returns to the BBC tonight at 8pm with episode five of the first six instalments of the new series.

Episode six will air tomorrow night, with the rest of series five ‘coming soon’.

The first half of the series will be shown on BBC Two later this month for those who have missed it.

In tonight’s episode, summer arrives and it is time for the farmers to take stock and make the most of the longer daylight hours.

Image: BBC

On Orkney, 32-year-old Sean heads off on his annual sheep shearing road trip, which starts in Cornwall.

The aim is to earn the equivalent of his annual wage in just two months, but an initial 10 days of rain means he doesn’t get off to promising start.

Later, in the Royal Highland Show sheep shearing competition, he’s keen to prove his credentials as one of the best shearers in the country.

In Stranraer, the Love family’s plans for their new dairy business are taking shape.

Image: BBC

Kayleigh’s husband, Rab, and his team of builders get to work converting the barn into a state-of-the-art pasteurising plant.

Kayleigh is ploughing on with market research, finding a captive audience of four-year-olds to test milkshake flavours at daughter Olivia’s fourth birthday party!

In Fife, Ronnie and Pete are training one of their best mare’s, Butterfly, and her foal for the Royal Highland Show - but when Pete spots a problem with Butterfly’s hooves, it’s game over.

All focus is now on their two younger horses, Alana and Victoria, who are in a much tougher category.

In episode six, it’s been a long four months without a pay cheque on the Isle of Bute for Emma and Ewan.

There’s a lot riding on the sale of their first batch of ewes, but when Emma misses not one, but two ferries with her livestock, it’s a stressful reminder that the couple aren’t yet used to island living.

In Loch Ness, Joanna and Donald have hit a snag with their plans for the new farm shop.

The planning permission has been granted, but they don’t yet have a building warrant and, until then, they can’t break ground on the new site.

Undeterred, Joanna presses ahead, installing beehives, getting her sheep’s wool turned into yarn and introducing geese to her small animal menagerie.

On Orkney, young farmer Sean returns home from his sheep shearing road trip to help his dad and uncle on the family farm.

Father and son work together to shear the last of their rams; the sheep are hefty and strong and prove a handful for them both.

Viewers in Northern Ireland can find out how to watch previous and upcoming episodes here.