Enough is Enough: Thousands take to streets across UK to protest soaring cost of living

Enough is Enough: Thousands take to streets across UK to protest soaring cost of living

Demonstrations are taking place all over the UK today (October 1) in Enough is Enough-organised rallies as thousands protest the increased cost of living and rising inflation.

Some big names, including former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, have been making speeches in cities around the country.

The nationwide protests, which coincide with postal and rail workers strikes, are predicted by organisers to be largest against an economic crunch affecting millions of people.

Saturday also marks the day that energy bills are rising as the new energy price cap hits £2,500 annually.

Thousands have rallied on the streets around the country to protest the cost of living-crisis.

A part of today’s protests include the Don’t Pay UK, a grassroots movement encouraging Britons to refuse to pay their bills, with several people setting their bills on fire on the streets in protest to the rising costs.

In a speech on Kings Cross, Jeremy Corbyn said: “Up and down the country, workers and communities are fighting back against greed, inequality and exploitation.

“As wages fall while profits soar, our message is clear. We are not here to manage. We are not here to broker. We are here to win.”

Protesters on the streets of Birmingham are setting fire to their energy bills.

The rallies are taking place the day before the Conservative Party Conference is set to start in Birmingham, and mere days after the latest YouGov poll said the party would get 21% of votes if there were a general election today.

Sterling has also hit a record low this week after the new mini-budget announced by Chancellor of the Exchequer Kwasi Kwarteng.