Supermarket yellow stickers: Best time to bag offers at Tesco, Morrisons, Asda and more according to TikTok

It’s different for every supermarket, so worth checking out the full list of best times to bag a yellow sticker.

The cost of living crisis has more of us tightening the purse strings than ever before - and always on the lookout for a bargain.

Bagging yellow sticker items is a great way to save money on your food shop, and one savvy TikTok user has revealed the best time to find them at your local supermarket.

Stores will often reduce the price of food nearing its use by date to shift stock and avoid food wastage and you can often grab a hefty discount - with some items marked down by as much as 80%.

You’ll normally find the goodies confined to their own shelf, in the bargain corner with a yellow sticker on and the new price.

The best times to go shopping for discounted food at British supermarkets according to a Tik-Tok whizz

Posting to her account @madflamingomoney, the money-saving whizz listed when exactly all the major chains, from Morrisons to M&S, start putting out reduced items.

The UK-based mum also revealed the cheapest time to find reduced meals, which is between 1pm and 3pm for most shops.

Here’s the full list.


According to @madflamingomoney, Morrisons tend to reduce items by 50% at around 3pm in the afternoon.

If you’re popping in after work, the TikTok user says the chain usually reduces these items by a further 75% from around 5pm.


Asda starts to slash costs at around 7pm in the evening, says @madflamingomoney.


Tesco doesn’t really have a specific time when the supermarket will begin to reduce items, says @madflamingomoney.

However, the chain tends to offer reduced items earlier than others, she added - they could appear from as early as 8am.


The TikTok user said that you’ll start finding reduced items in Waitrose around two hours before the store is about to close.


Sainsbury’s is @madflamingomoney’s supermarket of choice.

She said that the chain usually puts out reduced items at around 7pm in the evening.


You may not know M&S offer yellow stickers, but you can actually find some decent discounts there.

According to @madflamingomoney, yellow sticker offers tend to appear at stores very sporadically throughout the day.