Outstanding prices for sheep at Gortin Mart, fat ewes selling to £230

An outstanding show of sheep this Monday night with a full ring of buyers making record prices in all sections.
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Fat lambs

D Reid £170/28.5kg £160/27.5kg J Doherty £168/32.5kg L Young £166/30.5kg £152.50/24.5kg J O'Connor £163/30kg A McFarland £158/28.5kg M Conway £156/28kg R McCullagh £155/27.5kg W Moore £155/33kg R Hemphill £154.50/26kg B Ward £154/26kg P Doherty £152/26.5kg A Hetherington £152/26kg K Robinson £152/25.5kg P Murray £150.50/25kg S Kelly £150/26kg J O'Donnell £150/25.5kg W McKenzie £150/24.5kg W McLaughlin £147/27.5kg D Rafferty £146/25kg P McNulty £145/24kg A Beattie £142/24.5kg D Gormley £142/25kg and C McNamee £141/26kg R Love £140/23.5kg

Lighter lambs

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Farming Life news

L Bowden £140/21.5kg £130/22kg D Reid £140/21kg D Walker £135.50/22.5kg C McNamee £134/22.5kg B McNamee £126.50/21.5kg L Lennon £125.50/22kg E ferry £124/22kg P Doherty £122/20kg P Kelly £122/22kg Blakiston Houston £121.50/22kg C Scott £120/22kg C McNamee £120/21kg R Hemphill £119.50/21kg A Crawford £116.50/20.5kg W Rankin £116/21kg L Hamilton £115.50/20kg W McKenzie £115/19kg and P Doherty £114/18.5kg.

Fat ewes

S McCullagh £230 £220 £205 £196 K McCullagh £210 G Blair £184 Cookstown Farms £180 S Forbes £180 R Pollock £172 B McNamee £170 D Reid £170 £160 £156 £152 £150 R Johnston £170 £154 L Young £160 £160 P Kelly £160 PB Brogan £156 £156 W Moore £154 A McFarland £154 H McIvor £152 P Keenan £150 W Rankin £150 A Hetherington £148 S McCullagh £144 £143 £140 £138 S Cuddy £142 W Rankin £140 R Bowden £140 J Doherty £140 and A Johnston £140.

Ewes and lambs

A McAleer £285 (double) £255 (double) £220 (single) £220 (single) £210 (single) D Reid £250 (single) £210 (single) £200 (single) £175 (single) J Quigg £200 (double) £185 (single) P Brogan £175 (single) T Boyd £165 (single) and W McKenzie £160 (single).