Weanlings sell to £1040 at Rathfriland Co-op

There was a super show of cattle on Friday at Rathfriland Co-Op with online buyers being very active again.

The Dropped calf section contained calves up to 2 months old.  Topped to £545 for Charolais Heifer Calf for an Annaclone farmer, Weanling calves sold to £1040 for a 410k Blonde bullock from a Saintfield farmer. Fat Cows topped £1270 for 762k Limousin, Cows and Calves Topped £1200, Heifers topped 584k £1310, Limousin Bullock’s topped at £1260 for a 646k Hereford,


Bull Calfs: Banbridge farmer Blue at £500, Rathfriland farmer Blue £495, £490 Blue, £465 Blue, £450 Hereford, £410 Hereford, £400 Hereford, £390 Hereford, £385 Friesian, Banbridge farmer Hereford at £355, Banbridge farmer Simmental £330, Rathfriland farmer Hereford £320,

Heifer Calf’s: Annaclone farmer Charolais at £545, Charolais at £500, Charolais £500, Kilcoo farmer Limousin at £450, Downpatrick farmer Blue at £445, Rathfriland farmer Blue at £420, Ballyward farmer Angus at £420, Banbridge farmer Angus at £405, Rathfriland farmer Blue at £300, Kilkeel farmer Angus at £235.

WEANLING Male Calves: Lisburn farmer Charolais 316k at £820 (260ppk), Ballynahinch farmer Blonde 410k at £1040 (254ppk), Limousin 388k at £940 (243ppk), Lisburn farmer Charolais 310k at £740 (239ppk), Ballynahinch farmer Limousin 394k at £930 (236ppk), Dromara farmer Angus 326k at £760 (233ppk), Saintfield farmer Blonde 410k at £1040, Blonde 442k at £1030, Limousin 490k at £990, Limousin 38k at £940, Mayobridge farmer Shorthorn 436k at £935, Saintfield farmer Limousin 394k at £930, Lisburn farmer Charolais 316k at £820, Dromara farmer Simmental 368k at £810, Mayobridge farmer Limousin 370k at £780, Saintfield farmer Blonde 334k at £760, Weanling Heifer Calves: Newry farmer Simmental 296k at £755 (255ppk), Annaclone farmer Salar 276k at £700 (254ppk), Limousin 296k at £730 (247ppk), Saintfield farmer Blonde 346k at £850 (246ppk), Dromara farmer Limousin 258k at £625 (243ppk), Saintfield farmer Limousin 374k at £895, Limousin 396k at £890, Newry farmer Simmental 392k at £880, Saintfield farmer Limousin 358k at £865, Limousin 366k at £860, Blonde 346k at £850, Portadown farmer Limousin 392k at £850, Aramgh farmer Blue 356k at £790, Saintfield farmer Limousin 338k at £760, Newry farmer Simmental 296k at £755,

Fat Cows: Fat cow sold to a flying trade, Dromara farmer Limousin 762k at £1270, Saintfield farmer Shorthorn 790k at £1210, Ballymartin farmer Limousin 736k at £1140, Gilford farmer Simmental 614k at £1000, Kilcoo farmer ROM 588k at £720, Dromara farmer Angus 426k at £700, Gilford farmer Hereford 510k at £670,

Cows and Calves: Ballymartin farmer Saler cow and Speckle park calf at £1200

Breeding Bulls: Waringstown farmer Angus £1410, Banbridge farmer Hereford £970,

Store Heifers: Rathfriland farmer Limousin 510k at £1250 (245ppk), Dromore farmer PTS 334k at £770 (231ppk), Rathfriland farmer Limousin 584k at £1310 (225ppk), Limousin 518k at £1160 (224ppk), Limousin 568k at £1230 (217ppk), Dromara farmer PTS 366k at £750 (205ppk), Rathfriland farmer Limousin 584k at £1310, Limousin 510k at £1250, Limousin 568k at £1230, Limousin 518k at £1160, Banbridge farmer Angus 488k at £920, Angus 482k at £910, Crossgar farmer Angus 490k at £900, Dromore farmer Hereford 466k at £870, Banbridge farmer Angus 482k at £850,

Bullocks: Banbridge farmer Limousin 394k at £790 (248ppk), Ballyroney farmer Limousin 316k at £730 (231ppk), Banbridge farmer Limousin 476k at £1090 (229ppk), Ballyroney farmer Limousin 426k at £940 (221ppk), Banbridge farmer Limousin 528k at £1160 (220ppk), Limousin 492k at £1080 (220ppk), Dromara farmer Hereford 646k at £1260, Dromara farmer Friesian 684k at £1230, Rathfriland farmer FCK 590k at £1210, Dromara farmer Hereford 610k at £1200, Warrenpoint farmer Limousin 600k at £1200, Dromara farmer Hereford 594k at £1180, Hereford 564k at £1180, Banbridge farmer Limousin 528k at £1160, Castlewellan farmer Angus 564k at £1150, Rathfriland farmer FCK 510k at £1090,

Online bidding available via MARTBIDS.IE

All buyers must wear face covering from now on while in the mart. 

Tuesday evening saw super show of stock and Lambs sell to a good trade. Fat Ewes selling to a flying trade this week again. A Rathfriland farmer topped the sale at £5.44 a kilo for 9kg at £49, Fat ewes topped at £148 for a Texel ewe from a Hilltown Farmer. More ewes over the £135 mark this week with plainer ewes from £110 to £125 each.

LIGHT LAMBS: Rathfriland farmer 9k at £49, Kilkeel farmer: 10.8k at £57, Annalong farmer 14.5k at £70,

SPRING LAMBS: Dromara farmer 26.7k at £107, Newry farmer 27k at £107, Aramgh farmer 268k at £106, Kilkeel farmer 24k at £106, Hilltown farmer 28k at £106, Armagh farmer 23.2k at £105.5, Tandragee farmer 23.9k at £105, Tandragee farmer 25.4k at £105, Ballyward farmer 24.3k at £104, Cabra farmer 24.8k at £104.

FAT EWES: Hilltown farmer £148, Castlewellan farmer £147, Castlewellan farmer £133, Hillsborough farmer £133, Dromara farmer £132, Annalong farmer £131, Corbet farmer £128, Kilkeel farmer £127, Kilkeel farmer £123, Lisburn farmer £123,

FAT RAMS: Seaforde farmer £165, Ballynahinch farmer £135,

Breeding Ewes: £234, £190, £190, £175, £170.